POWER ONE GROUP was founded as a boutique Investment firm focused on helping our partner clients create and/or maximize the value of their businesses by offering world-class advice. POWER ONE GROUP is well capitalized and supported by a number of European Private Banks and sovereign funds in Europe and Caribbean Countries

POWER ONE GROUP is a leading investment firm focused on alternative credit-based strategies, including private equity, Venture Capital Investment, private debt/financing and capital markets activities. We help clients with Share Placement and Share financing through our funds and investment partners

POWER ONE GROUP and its group invest primarily in small cap to middle-market companies in the business services, financial services, share financing, structure financing, consumer products industrial, health care, retail, Real Estate and energy sectors.


Our firm helps client with Liquidity solutions. We offer the following fund raising services such as: Share Financing, Share Placement, Structured finance, Syndicated financing. We also help clients to grow their asset value by managing their asset and portfolio, via our licensed fund management in Singapore, Hong Kong, and Cayman Island.


As more and more Banks and financial institutions turning away from the share financing transactions, we are here to help our clients for their liquidity solutions and fund raising programs. Our share financing program provides liquidity to clients while retaining their shares ownership.


Through our licensed Partners in Hong Kong, Dubai, Singapore, London, and other jurisdictions, we can help our clients who wish to exit positions or raising funds by placing the shares to our existing funds that partnered with us, such as: Long funds, sovereign funds and other syndicated funds.